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  • Azzurite Extra Granite (cabinetry by Rose County Interiors)

This project is a stunning example of how to use a feature granite to unlock its full potential in a kitchen and adding extras such as upstands, splashbacks, window sills etc, enables us to use as much character from each slab as possible.
The combination of bold blues and neutral tones from the Azzurite Extra granite blends beautifully with the natural Ash cabinetry.

The large island contains no cutouts and is left as one solid piece to allow the beauty of this material to be fully appreciated.
Outside of the island is an L-shaped section where the addition of a Belfast sink not only adds a touch of bright contrast but also adds to the traditional feel of this space.
This kitchen is then completed with a granite splashback behind the hob, 100mm upstands and a large window sill cleverly mitred in with the riser.

Project Details

Cabinetry by: Rose County Interiors

Azzurite Extra Granite

A stunning project with large central island and separate L-shaped worktop run.