Granite is a natural stone that's guaranteed to give your kitchen a real touch of class. Available in a glorious array of natural colours, shades and patterns, your worktop’s appearance will be genuinely unique.


Silestone is a premium quartz-based surface. Because it's man-made, it offers greater colour consistency and pattern than a natural stone, as well as a wider variety of colours to choose from.


A natural limestone with a sophisticated look, marble is softer and more porous than granite. As a result it is a lot easier to scratch and stain, which makes it best suited to bathrooms, vanity tops and flooring.


Quartz is stain, heat and scratch-resistant which makes it easy to maintain. In addition, it comes in a huge range of colours and because it is man-made, its pattern and texture are more consistent than marble and granite.


Dekton is a material with extraordinary characteristics. The intelligent combination of raw materials and cutting-edge technological processes employed in manufacturing make Dekton a really special product.

Sinks and Maintenance

We stock a large range of recommended cleaning and maintenance products to keep your worktops looking brand new.
We are also a distributor for the 1810 Company sink and tap ranges.

How We Work

Working together to achieve great results

Stone Selection & Quotation

The first step of your journey with us would be to visit our showroom and have a look at the wide selection of materials and colours on offer. We would then take a copy of your kitchen plans and provide you with a quotation based on your choices.

Ordering & Template

If you are happy with your quotation, the next step is to place an order with us. At this stage we will provide you with a templating and installation date. We aim to fit your worktops 7 days after template but during busy periods this is not always possible. Once templated we will provide a final price to account for any alterations from the original plans. At this stage a 50% deposit is due.

Installation & Aftercare

When we instal your worktops, we will do a final quality control check and then seal them if needed. We will always leave your worktops looking amazing and post installation we will send you our care and maintenance information to help you keep your new surface looking perfect.
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Our Price Groups

Amazing surfaces at affordable prices

Group 1

  • Amazon Blue
  • Angola Blue
  • Bianco Romano
  • Blue Butterfly
  • Blue Pearl
  • Cambrian Black Leather
  • Cosmic Black
  • Dakota Mahogany
  • Emerald Pearl
  • Giallo Veneziano
  • Imperial Brown
  • Imperial Red
  • Imperial White
  • Juperana Bordeaux
  • Juperana Do Sol
  • Juperana Gaivota
  • Lemon Ice
  • Magic Green
  • Nero Assoluto Honed
  • Nero Cosmos
  • New Venetian Gold
  • Pegasus Leather
  • Porto Bianco
  • Royal Mahogany
  • Sea Wave
  • Star Galaxy
  • Supreme Black
  • Verde Diorite
  • Verde Olive
  • Volga Blue (Classic)
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Group 2

  • African Red
  • Angel Cream
  • Angola Black
  • Angola Gold
  • CafĂ© Brown
  • Giallo Butterfly
  • Giallo Ornamental
  • Kashmir Gold
  • Kerala Green
  • Madura Gold
  • Mon Chique
  • Nero Assoluto
  • Nero Victoria
  • Nero Zimbabwe Extra
  • Pegasus
  • Piracema
  • Quartzite Rosa
  • Raw Silk
  • River White
  • Santa Cecilia
  • Santa Cecilia Gold
  • Shivakashi
  • Steel Grey Leather
  • Suede
  • Tropical Brown
  • Verde Gloria
  • Violetta
  • Vizag Blue
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Group 3

  • Ambrosia White
  • Azul Noche
  • Balmoral Red CG
  • Baltic Brown
  • Black Pearl
  • Carioca Gold
  • Emerald Black
  • Ghibli
  • Giallo Fiorito
  • Impala
  • Indian Black
  • Juperana Colombo
  • Juperana Tiger
  • Multicolour Red
  • Paradiso Bash
  • Paradiso Classico
  • Sapphire Brown
  • Seaweed Green
  • Steel Grey
  • Tan Brown
  • Topazio Yellow
  • Ubatuba
  • Verde Butterfly
  • Verde Eucalypto
  • Verde Fontain
  • Verde Peacock
  • Verde Savanna
  • Viscont White
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Group 4

  • Azul Platino
  • Bianco Crystal
  • Bianco Sardo
  • Capao Bonito Red
  • Cinza Castello
  • Crema Julia
  • Mondariz
  • Multicolour Green
  • Nero Pretoria
  • Padang Grey
  • Padang Yellow
  • Pepperino Dark Grey
  • Perla White
  • Rosa Beta
  • Rosa Limbara
  • Rosa Porrino
  • Rosa Sardo
  • Silk
  • Tarn
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