Hanafinn Rejuvenata™ 473ml<

Hanafinn Rejuvenata™

Rejuvenata™ is a gentle daily cleaner for natural and engineered stone countertops. It contains an invisible sealer to enhance protection and make surfaces easier to clean.

Lithofin MN Easy-Clean

For regular cleaning of natural and artificial stone kitchen counters, table tops, vanity units, shower walls, etc. Removes dirt, oil and grease residues and provides streak-free cleaning.

Lithofin EASY-CARE

For maintenance of all flooring surfaces; colours will become stronger with regular use making floors more attractive. Suitable for surfaces such as all ceramic tiles, terracotta, quarry tiles and all types of stone, plastics etc.

Lithofin KF Mildew-Away

Lithofin KF Mildew-Away

Removes black mould and mildew spots from cement and silicone grouting in bathrooms and kitchens as well as discolouration caused by plants. Suitable for use around ceramic and porcelain tiles.

Lithofin KF Grout Cleaner

Lithofin KF Grout Cleaner

Restores the colour and appearance of grout lines around ceramic, porcelain and quarry tiles. Removes grease, oil and dirt deposits from joints in kitchens and bathrooms and leaves them hygienically clean and fresh.

Lithofin KF Limescale-Away

Lithofin KF Limescale-Away

Dissolves limescale, water spots and similar deposits quickly and effectively. Suitable for ceramic tiles, sanitary fittings, water taps, shower heads and kettles, etc. Not suitable for acid sensitive surfaces.

Lithofin MN Power-Clean 1ltr

Lithofin MN Power-Clean

For thorough cleaning of floors in case of general dirt, grease, water marks and dusting, etc. For final cleaning of new surfaces at building sites. This product is recommended for all types of natural stone, but especially for polished marble and limestone.

Lithofin MN Builder's Clean

Cleans granite, gneiss, quartzite and other natural and artificial stones. Removes cement film, encrusted dirt residues, blooms, rust and rust discolourations. Also acts to prevent rust in hard stones containing iron. Not suitable for polished marble, limestone etc.

Lithofin MN Care Kit

A special product from the LITHOFIN-Range containing MN Stain-Stop, MN Polish Cream and MN Power-Clean.