Mixed Materials


Our worksurface solutions aren’t restricted to just stone, we are also experts in crafting incredible timber and acrylic worktops.
In fact, if you want more than one material for your project, that’s absolutely no problem! It is not uncommon to see several different materials in one kitchen, whether it be stone worktops with a wooden breakfast bar or wooden worktops with an acrylic island.  
Usually this would involve organising several different companies, each installing their own individual parts, incurring extra template and install costs as they would all need to visit separately.  
This is where we can help. With Algarve Granite and Algarve Composites all under one roof, you can have timber, acrylic and stone surfaces templated and installed at the same time, using the same team.  
Not only will this combination speed up lead times, it also reduces costs, making previously out of budget or beyond timescale options a possibility again.  
To check out our acrylic and timber options visit our sister company website, Algarve Composites.