Lithofin Resin-EX penetrates into many organic substances and dirt deposits, dissolving them from the surface. The gel like consistence simplifies the application.

Technical Data

Density: approx. 1.1 g/cm³
Appearance: whitish, dimish, gel like
Odour: slightly pungent
pH-Value: approx. 3
Flash Point: >90°C(c.C.)
Solubility in Water: emulsifiable

Field of Use

To remove epoxy grout materials and residues. Also highly suitable for removing organic substances such as resins, sealants, coatings, oil and grease deposits, paint (graffiti), lacquer, adhesives, plastic residues, etc. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Directions To Remove Pavement Fixing Mortar: Generously apply to the dry surface using a brush or a scrubber. Allow to work for up to approx. 30 min. at room temp. of about 20°C. Then add water (best if diluted 1:10 with Lithofin MN Power-Clean) and brush. Afterwards, rinse and brush. Always brush diagonally to grouts. Rinse surface again with water. In case of any leftovers, repeat when surface is dry.
Coverage: up to approx. 5 m²/L, depending on dirt.

Directions To Remove Epoxy Resin (2K) Mortar: Generously apply to the dry surface using a brush or a roller. Allow to work for approx. 2 hrs at about 20°C. Then use a rough pad (ex. green pad for glazed tiles) to work through. Add water and continue to scrub. Remove excess fluid and rinse with water immediately.
Coverage: up to approx. 20 m²/L on glazed tiles.

Please Note: Test the product prior to use. Always apply to a dry surface. Protect surface from wetness during working time because water represses the effectiveness.

Surfaces: All quarry and ceramic tiles, rough natural stones such as granite, gneiss, quartzite as well as concrete and concrete stone.

Application / Surface Temperature: 10 - 30°C. The mentioned working times are shorter at higher temperatures and longer at colder temperatures.