Oxy-Klenza™ is ideal for cleaning patios, kitchens, bathrooms, decks, floors, building facades, walls, cladding, public spaces, swimming pool surrounds, garages, driveways, eating and entertaining areas.

Typical Applications

Oxy-Klenza™ is a powerful alkaline cleaner (typically pH 9-11) for tough dried-in stains and soiling, including grease, mold, algae and leaf marks. It is safe for use on natural stone, tile, masonry, concrete, grout, vinyl and unfinished wood.


Oxy-Klenza™ is a powder concentrate that goes further and is safer to transport / store. It also disinfects and breaks down odors. Oxy-Klenza™ is biodegradable - decomposing into oxygen, water and natural salts.

Application Rates

Typical usage rate of 2/3 of a standard cup Oxy-Klenza™ per 100 sq.ft. (10 sq.m.), depending on surface conditions.