Lithofin MN Builders' Clean dissolves and removes cement and mortar residues, efflorescences, limescale deposits, stubborn ingrained dirt, rust and rust discolourations. The yellowish discolouration which results from iron containing stones rusting is removed and largely prevented.

Technical Data

Density: approx. 1,2 g/cm³
Appearance: liquid, reddish
Odour: pleasant, fresh
pH-Value: < 1 (concentrate)
Flash Point: n.a.
Solubility in Water: complete

Field of Use

For removing cement residues from newly installed surfaces, for thoroughly cleaning used surfaces and for removing rust and rust discolourations. Lithofin MN Builders' Clean prevents rust discolourations, which occasionally appear when cleaning iron containing stones such as serrizzo, cresciano, calanca, sardo white, etc. The product is therefore particularly suitable for those stones.

Directions for Use

First wet the surface, then apply Lithofin MN Builder's Clean - diluted with water up to 1:10, depending on the type of dirt - and immediately spread the product evenly on the surface with a scrubbing brush. After a few minutes, scrub the surface then wash away with clean water. Do not allow the product to dry on the surface. In stubborn cases this procedure may have to be repeated.

Coverage: approx. 15 to 30m² depending on dirt up to 50m² on polished surfaces.

Surfaces: Suitable for all acid resistant natural stones such as granite, gneiss and quarzite.

Please Note: Lithofin MN Builder's Clean is not suitable for polished or finely honed surfaces which are sensitive to acid such as limestone, marble, manufactured stone, etc. In cases of doubt, try the product in an inconspicuous area. Surfaces such as chrome, enamel, wood, and similar acid sensitive surface must be protected against splashes and vapours. Acid containing cleaners can develop vapours which may damage sensitive surfaces. We highly recommend carefully washing the product off the surface and ensuring good ventilation during and after use.

Final Treatment

Many natural stones require a protective treatment which prevents the penetration of water, oil and dirt. We recommend Dry Treat STAIN-PROOF Original™ or Lithofin Stainstop PLUS as suitable special products.